Biscuit Sandwiches

Served on flaky, buttery, homemade Southern-style biscuits, made fresh every morning.

The Spicy
Boneless fried chicken breast
Spicy coleslaw
Dash Kitchen hot sauce

The Plain James
Boneless fried chicken breast
Regular coleslaw

Bacon, Egg & Cheese
House-cured bacon
Scrambled eggs
Mild young Gouda cheese

Sausage, Egg & Cheese
House-made chicken sausage
Scrambled eggs
Mild young Gouda cheese

Ham, Egg & Cheese
Roasted ham
Scrambled eggs
Mild young Gouda cheese

The Astro
Boneless fried chicken breast
Scrambled eggs
House-cured bacon
Mild young Gouda cheese
Dash Kitchen hot sauce

The Luigi
Scrambled eggs
Mild young Gouda cheese

The AB & J
Crispy apples
Brie cheese

Egg & Cheese
Scrambled eggs
Mild young Gouda cheese


We usually have two soups on the menu, one with meat and one vegetarian/vegan. Served in a 16-ounce portion, they come with a mini version of our sandwich biscuit, perfect for dipping. Here are a few of our regulars:

Cuban Ham and Black Bean: hearty and meaty, with a kick
Tomato Lentil: vegan, with Moroccan spices and a hint of lemon
Matzoh Ball Chicken Soup: known as “Jewish penicillin,” it always makes you feel good
Gazpacho: cold tomato soup, just right for hot tropical days


Bonaire’s original handmade doughnuts
Handmade on-site fresh each morning
Changing rotation of glazes and fillings
Flavors include:
Vanilla: classic light glaze
Chocolate: a coat of glossy fudge
Cinnamon-sugar: everyone’s fave
Maple-nut: all-natural syrup glaze and toasted walnuts or pecans
Coconut-lime: tangy fruit glaze and toasted coconut shreds
Berry: a glaze of pureed fruit
Caramel: brown-sugar buttercream
Boston cream: vanilla custard-filled with chocolate glaze
Orange-almond: fresh fruit glaze with toasted nuts
Nutella: chocolate-hazelnut glaze
Sunshine Bomb: A Dash original, filled with lemon-orange custard and topped with citrus glaze and candied citrus peel
Mocha Cream: chocolate-espresso cream-filled, with cocoa powder
Glazed: $3 each / Filled: $4 each

Pies, Cakes & Bars
In addition to doughnuts and cinnamon rolls, which are always on the menu, we serve a rotating selection of treats each weekend. Some of our regulars are:
New York Cheesecake
Lemon Bars
Blackout Cake
Can’t Decide Bars
Banana Cake
Mexican Brownies
Carrot Cake
Atlantic Beach Pie
Chocolate Silk Pie
Berry Crumb Cake
Hooch Pie
prices vary

Cinnamon Rolls
A bakery classic, hand-rolled and baked on site daily
Served with or without cream cheese frosting
$4.50 each


Fresh-squeezed homemade limeade: tart and refreshing, over ice

Hot coffee: fresh-brewed, American-style

Iced coffee: strong java over ice

Iced tea: house-brewed, with or without sugar

Arnold Palmer: limeade & iced tea combo

Bottled water

Assorted sodas and juices